You Know It’s Spam When …

There are certain responsibilities that come with having a web site and a blog.  Maintaining and updating the site is the most important aspect.  This includes cleaning up comments posted by unknown spam-bots.  Deciding which comments to approve or delete is easy when one has a guideline to follow.  The following is that guideline.

You know it’s spam when …

Comments contain random words that make absolutely no sense.

One is invited to visit a site containing information on cheap Viagra or easy women.

Comments on the awesome blogging ability of the blogger and saying blog is being shared with others in their “group” with link to something.

Thanking the blogger for posting great information that has been very useful when the blog is a personal one containing no information.

Telling the blogger the site has been added to “their favorites” and asking the blogger to return the favor by “visiting their site”.

Reading the comments makes one scratch their head and say “what the hell?”

Comments are in a foreign language, usually Russian or possibly Thai.

Commenter asks if there are any plug-ins to prevent hacking.

Commenter asks if the blogger has considered using a different browser than the current one.

Comments telling about sex stories or places to go for those stories.

Thanking the blogger for giving them (the commenter) the courage to start their own blog.

Giving the blogger a job opportunity to make big money at home surfing the internet.

These are just a few examples of the types of comments that a blog receives.  I look forward to seeing the comments on this blog post so I can have a good laugh.  I hope everyone finds something of importance in this blog and that all the people in the group enjoy it.

To the other bloggers out there, find the courage from this blog to start your own.  Most likely, no one will read it.


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