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Singing the National Anthem

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Why can’t people sing the National Anthem correctly any more?

It is a difficult song to sing covering several octaves, but singers should attempt to cover the notes as needed for their range.

In a country so determined to honor soldiers and veterans, it seems hard to believe that we would stand for the national song to be destroyed.  This is the ultimate acknowledgement of the troops and veterans.  It is disrespectful to not sing the song correctly and honor those who fought and even gave their lives for this country.

It is not a song that is be changed, to show creative musicality.  It is to honor the country and should be sang as written.

There is no freedom of speech in regard to the National Anthem.  Sing it as written, or if one is unable to sing it correctly,  get off the stage.  It is not a performance.  It is an honor to be chosen to sing the song at a public venue and should be held in that regard.

Better yet, just use the Jimi Hendrix version in all instances!

As always, this is my humble opinion.  Take it or leave it.