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The First Official Post on My New Blog!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my new website, created and designed by my wonderful elder son, Kyle.  He is a computer/website GENIUS!!

Kyle insisted that I needed a website of my own.  After several years of telling him I really didn’t do anything that entitled me to my own site, I gave in.  So, as of July 7, 2010, I, Mary Gottfried, a virtual nobody, has my own website!  Only in America, I guess…

This website will have some of my early stories and plays.  I will also post some of my favorite recipes, and other things that my heart desires.  At this point, that could be just about anything!

I hope people (someone, anyone) will read my blog and enjoy what I write.  Be aware that sometimes my thoughts run rampant and out of control, with a weird sense of humor thrown in.  

And, if at any time while reading this blog you should feel offended, drop me a line.  Chances are I won’t do anything about it, because one can always find something else on the internet to read.  Just saying…